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U.S. Veterans Adopt Companion Shelter Pets -

Encouragement to move on from war with the love of a furry little friend, the health benefits of pets, & saving the lives of shelter animals. We Thank You for your service to us by paying the shelter pet adoption fee.

Companion Pet Adoption for our U.S. Military; Veterans, Active Duty & their Families


 Dear Veterans, Military Families & Active Duty,

A dog or cat gives a special kind of love for healing, health and happiness. In moving on from war, it is our turn, as a community to honor and respect your selfless act with support to move on from war.  To show our appreciation of your service to our country, U.S. Vets Adopt Pets would like to pay the adoption fee at your local animal shelter 

People and animals have a long history of living together and bonding. Perhaps the oldest evidence of this special relationship was discovered a few years ago in Israel—a 12,000-year-old human skeleton buried with its hand resting on the skeleton of a 6-month-old wolf pup. “The bond between animals and humans is part of our evolution, and it’s very powerful,” says Dr. Ann Berger, a physician and researcher at the NIH Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

 Love Heals - Unconditional Love makes a person Thrive to Indescribable Heights - Soar my Friend - Soar


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If you want to find out more about getting a SERVICE DOG, this link will take you to our INFORMATION & REFERRAL page on Vets Adopt Pets.org .... the side of the page will be a dark red in color...We provide the groundwork for understanding all that is involved with Service Dogs, and want you to keep 4 things in mind...

1.  A Military Person should NOT have to pay for a service dog, the dogs training or any other cost, such as an application fee.

2.  A service dog must be trained to perform a physical task for you.  Begin to think about how your medical issues show on a physical level... Call if you want or need to discuss... 

3.  The Service Dog TRAINER must be accredited with ADI- Assistance Dog International to allow the dog on VA or Military grounds.  Double check this at your VA Center or Military Base.

4.  Double check with each org you speak with on the above topics.

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U.S. Vets Adopt Pets is fiscally sponsored by Marinlink as a non-profit organization  exempt from federal tax under section 501(c)(3) Internal Revenue Code # 20-0879422. 
Donations to U.S. Vets Adopt Pets are tax deductible.